All eligible voters in the U.S. can now print their 2020 presidential election voting documents for free at any PrintWithMe printer kiosk

Up to two free pages can be printed. Voting documents include absentee ballot applications, voter registration documents, and photocopied/scanned ID. 

The idea for PrintWithMe's new #VoteWithMe free printing initiative came when one of our team members realized that he needed to physically print out documents in order to apply for an absentee ballot for the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Knowing that many people don't own printers today, we immediately knew that this was an important opportunity to help people. In order for votes to be safely counted in many U.S. states, voters may have to print and mail in their registration and absentee ballot. 

Printing is what we do best at PrintWithMe, so naturally, we want to make it simple and safe for you to print what you need to exercise your rights! So let's do this - it's time to #VoteWithMe!

Important Voter Information:

The deadlines to request an absentee ballot are different in each state, and many are in October.  Applications must be received by the deadline, not just postmarked by the deadline. 

Look up absentee ballot deadlines by state here.

Our mission is to make printing convenient for everyone, everywhere.

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Why We Want to Help

Print Your Voting Documents For Free


Register to Vote

1. Complete Your Voting Forms Digitally

If you realize that you're required to print and mail any voting forms, electronically fill out your forms and save them to your computer as PDF files.

Request Your Absentee BallotRegister to Vote

2. Email PDF to Printer Location

Find a PrintWithme printer near you and email your file to the specified email address associated with the printer. This will automatically generate an Order Number.

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3. Email Us to Redeem Promo Code

Email your Order Number to 


You will receive an auto-response email with a promo code enabling two free pages of printing.

Apply the promo code at check-out.

How Voters Can Print for Free

Print Your Voting Documents For Free!

The deadlines to register to vote are also different in each state.

Look up voter registration deadlines by state here.

To avoid any postal delays, you can also choose to hand-deliver your ballot to your state or local election offices.

Find your state or local election offices here.

Due to COVID-19, please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing when applicable. Don't forget that PrintWithMe printers are contactless, so you don't have to touch the printer. Stay safe!

All documents are securely encrypted in transit to any PrintWithMe printer and immediately deleted after printing. Users can also select the "Secure Release" feature to only start printing when they are physically at the printer.

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Important Information

The Texas deadline to request a ballot by mail is (received by) October 23, 2020. See important dates regarding the election here.

Texas citizens must register to vote by October 5, 2020 in order to cast a ballot for the presidential election in November.

Find out if you qualify for voting-by-mail in the State of Texas here. If not, please consider voting early at the nearest polling station.

To avoid postal delays, you can hand-deliver your ballot to your County Election Office.

Due to COVID-19, please wear a mask and practice social distancing when applicable. Don't forget that PrintWithMe printers are contactless, so you do not have to touch the printer when printing.

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