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What coffee lovers think of us:

PrintWithMe is a wireless printer station for coffee shops that drives real revenue at zero cost.

Enjoy Up to 35 New Coffee Customers Per Week with PrintWithMe!

I'm beyond delighted to have the ability to use the PrintWithMe kiosk at Daily Press.  It makes administrative tasks so much easier (and it doesn't hurt to have a delicious cup of coffee while tying up loose ends).

Shaan McDonald

Daily Press patron, Brooklyn, New York

New, Happy Customers

PrintWithMe caters to freelancers, mobile workers and everyday consumers who need to print on-the-go. As of January 2020, PrintWithMe drives up to 35 new customer visits per week to coffee shops nationwide.  

Incremental Revenue

When surveyed, 70% of PrintWithMe customers made an in-store purchase separate from their print job. The average coffee shop sees over $7,000 in incremental yearly revenue from PrintWithMe after one year of growth.

Our Coffee Partners in 46 States Include:

What do you get with PrintWithMe?

A Wireless, Wifi-Enabled Printer

Once you're a PrintWithMe partner, we'll ship you a secure wireless printer, premium Hammermill® paper and toner, and walk you through a simple 10-minute install.

PrintWithMe is the convenient printing station that's driving more traffic and a new revenue stream for coffee house owners nationwide.

PrintWithMe is the best.  I don’t print enough to warrant buying and storing a printer, but I often want a few pages here and there.  I wish this service was in every coffee shop in the city!

Meg Walters

Next Door Cafe patron, Chicago, Illinois

I was very surprised to learn that I could print at this coffee shop!  What a brilliant idea!  I ate my lunch and studied a Shakespearean monologue in the same place.  Thank you.

Christopher Kirk

Nature's Brew patron, Los Angeles, California

What is PrintWithMe?

Low Dwell Time

Having a printer at a coffee shop doesn't mean that customers stay longer in the shop. In reality, PrintWithMe customers report spending 37% less time in the shop (about 36 minutes) compared to the 1 hour average for non-PrintWithMe customers.

PrintWithMe By the Numbers


users have printed using PrintWithMe

5.5 Million

pages printed on sustainable paper


5-star Google reviews from happy customers

Hands-Off Printer Operations 

We manage all printer operations, including automatic ordering of toner and paper. Your staff can focus on coffee, while our Customer Care team is available 7 days a week.

Revenue Share Opportunity

PrintWithMe doesn't just generate extra coffee purchases. If you're interested, we offer a revenue share based on the print revenues that your shop produces.